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THERE might not be an official word in Swedish for "ungoogleable", meaning "impossible to find via web search". But mark my words, there used to be.
The Language Council of Sweden, which oversees the addition of new words to the official Swedish lexicon, had lined up ogooglebar, to become an official part of the language.
Then Google lawyers heard about this accolade to a household name and told the council they did not want its trademark used. And the world's largest internet search company even rewrote this small enclave of a charming language saying it should be "something that cannot be found on the web using Google".
The council decided Google had gone gaga and dropped the word from its list: “We are deleting the word, marking our displeasure with Google's attempts to control the language," the council's director, Ann Cederberg, said.
"One purpose of the neologisms list is to show how society and language development interact with each other. Google wanted to amend the definition and add a disclaimer about its trademark. The Language Council has tried to explain the purpose of the list. We do not deviate from our basic approach to language …" Cederberg said.Google, she said "has forgotten one thing: language development does not care about brand protection".......
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Boris Johnson New Career Skills Harvey McGarth, what's the connectiom?

Now you seriously couldn’t make this up

New Career Skills
This is getting more interesting by the minute.
This reporter recently discovered that a training company called New Career Skills was using a web site address called www.plumbingcareer.co.uk . Now it seems their own investors, a company called Bridges Venture, is sharing the fact that not only are New Career Skills hiding behind one name they are actually posing as three alternatives in the internet – beggars belief. So why would a company like Bridges ventures allow this to happen?
Before we answer that question, here is the information from Bridges Ventures about New Career Skills:
New Career Skills provides vocation focused training to mature career changers.
Management team
Steven Wines - CEO
Marc Rickard - FD and Ops Director
Julian Harley - Non-Executive Chairman
Tim Addison - Non-Executive Director
Head office in Hastings; Training centres in Southampton, Doncaster and Watford

This may, or maybe not, be the clue as it why Bridges Ventures are keen to work with New Career Skills. One of the significant players within Bridges Ventures is none other than Harvey McGrath. Harvey McGrath is Vice Chair of the Mayor of London's Skills and Employment Board, responsible for the adult skills strategy in London, Chairman of the London Development Agency . You can read more about Mr McGrath here http://www.london.gov.uk/business-economy/working-partnership/lep/members
Within the document showing his interests, McGrath lists Bridges Social Entrepreneurs Fund
As no other investigative reporters have seen this as a sizeable story, the team here felt we should share the cosy relationship between Boris Johnson, Harvey McGrath, Bridges Ventures and New Career Skills. 

Our investigations continue. However, we have also found this document. An interesting letter.

For some strange reason the link shown by Google to this document no longer exists. You can click to enlarge and/or download the letter

 BIS - Parliament
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View 23 Feb 2012 – It will be managed for us by the Skills Funding Agency. if you wish to apply ... I am copying this letter to Harvey McGrath, co-Chair of the London ...
The Parliament Link no longer works as the document has been removed. However, the document remained in the world wide archives of the Internet.

Our investigation continues and all will be shared with seniors in government and the Charities Commission.

News Career Skills hiding behind http://www.plumbingcareer.co.uk/

You could not make this up. New Career Skills who have a Google profile featuring so many complaints including a link to a recent Advertising Agency Upheld Complaint are, in my opinion, so desperate that they have started using a NEW WEB ADDRESS to hide behind.

The new New Career Skills web page is called http://www.plumbingcareer.co.uk/ but spot where it goes to. You guessed it New Career Skills. So what are they trying to hide?

The team here checked the internet registration system only to find plumbingcareer.co.uk is registered to New Career Skills Ltd, Chain Lane, NCS House, Watch Oak Business Centre, Battle, TN33 0HG.
Please review the link above for verification.

Sirs at New Career Skills, do you not think plumbers have the internet knowledge to check this hiding behind a cover up internet name? If you do not think that is possible, then do not forget the SM Team is here to make sure plumbers and other building people do know.

In fact I'll share this with the good people of Watchdog today!

Barclays banking brands Banana skin

Extracts from the media:

The Independent
Barclays is still the UK's most complained-about bank after figures showed more than 250,000 new disputes were recorded in the first half of this year.

Barclays also topped the chart during the second half of last year, with more than 205,000 complaints, although the banking giant pointed out that the latest figure was down 14% on the same period last year. Read the full story HERE

BBC News

Barclays heads UK complaints list among banking brands

More complaints were made about Barclays than any other banking brand by UK customers in the first half of the year, figures have shown.

The bank received 251,563 complaints, with 53% of closed cases upheld in customers' favour, the Financial Services Authority (FSA) figures show. More here

Banks Miss Selling

If you are unhappy with a financial product or service it can be difficult to know the right steps to take to deal with the issue. Find out how to resolve a dispute and the latest news about complaints.

Financial services firms regulated by the FSA must have a procedure in place to resolve disputes with their customers.

If you have a problem it is best to firstly ask the firm involved to put things right. However, there is more you can do if you are not satisfied with their response.

There are three steps you should take to make a complaint about your bank or insurance, mortgage or other financial services company.

Chris Field "This Is All Very True, Barclays Ripped Me Off"
Duane Griffiths " I was ripped of myself"
Mathew Prictor "I have also been ripped off by Barclays."
Melvin Jarrett "All I want is an end to this nightmare at the hands of Barclays"
Sajid Bashir "Barclays have done the same with me and are fobbing me off"
Nan "B P F have to be accountable for their action"
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